Climate-controlled storage at Lock It Up Self Storage in North Ogden, Utah

Give Your Items Extra Protection

If you’re storing delicate items at Lock It Up Self Storage in North Ogden, UT, climate control might be an ideal option for added protection from the elements. For most items, a traditional unit will be a great choice, but a climate-controlled unit can offer you extra peace of mind when you’re storing items like electronics or artwork. These specialized environments are regulated so the temperature and humidity stay within a certain range to protect your belongings from extreme heat and extreme cold.

Best for Delicate Belongings

Unsure if a climate-controlled unit is right for you? They are available in a range of sizes and are helpful for anything that is especially vulnerable to the changing seasons. If you’re looking for business storage, climate control is great for important documents, promotional materials, and photographs. It’s also ideal for personal items like clothing, musical instruments, and family heirlooms. Our friendly and professional staff are here 6 days a week and are happy to answer all your questions about our well-maintained storage units. 

For more information about climate-controlled storage options, contact our knowledgeable leasing team of or come by the office.