Climate-controlled storage at Lock It Up Self Storage in Ogden, Utah

Extra Protection for Delicate Items

For most items, a regular storage unit provides plenty of protection from the elements. If you need to store more delicate items – like electronics or family heirlooms – climate control offers an extra level of protection to keep your belongings in the same condition they were in when you brought them. Our climate-controlled storage units in Ogden, UT, are regulated to keep their internal temperature within a certain range, avoiding exposure to excessive heat or cold, as well as a consistent level of humidity.

Climate Control for Optimal Conditions

Wondering if your belongings could benefit from climate-controlled storage? We recommend climate control for items that are vulnerable to temperature or humidity levels, including business-related items like important documents, promotional materials, or photographs. This specialized environment is also ideal for personal items like electronics, clothing, or family heirlooms. We have a variety of climate-controlled spaces available, from our closet-sized units to our largest, garage-sized spaces. If you have more questions about this kind of storage option, our friendly and professional staff are onsite 6 days a week for your assistance.

To learn more about climate-controlled storage, call or come by our office.